Donata and Benjamin

How we met: Ben and I met through our work place. After months of flirting with each other, he finally asked me out to dinner. We started dating September 29th 2007. We decided to keep our relationship a secret until rumors started to spread around the office. Then it came out, we never thought we could work together and have a relationship…but we can! We have been living together in East Hampton CT for 4 years now and are going to be building a house together out here soon! We have been together 7.5 years before we got engaged…

how they asked: Ben and I wanted to get away somewhere fun and crazy! Of course we decided on Las Vegas! Everyone thought we would sneak away and get married by Elvis, but I knew this was a trip that was just to enjoy and do whatever we wanted. NEVER expected him to do what he did…

I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so while visiting we booked a helicopter tour on Valentines day.

Image 1 of Donata and Benjamin

February 14th 2015 we traveled to Boulder city airport where we met our pilot and he took us high up into the sky.We saw breath taking views of the hoover dam and grand canyon!

Image 2 of Donata and Benjamin

Our pilot told us to ask whatever questions we wanted, both of us stayed quiet and just took it all in. Heading back to the airport, Ben said to the pilot “I have a question…Would this beautiful woman sitting next to me marry me?” and pulled a beautiful pear shaped diamond from his pocket. I was completely shocked, I think the pilot was too! Of course I said yes to the man of my dreams whom I NEVER would have thought would be so romantic.

Image 3 of Donata and Benjamin

Image 4 of Donata and Benjamin