Dominique and Tomasz

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How We Met

Tomasz and I met through a mutual friend on twitter in 2013. He slid in my DMS and smooth-talked his way into getting my number. After a lot of back and forth, we realized we would see others in person for the first time at a club in Manhattan on Black Friday of that year. I was so nervous. I got very drunk and avoided him as long as I possibly could. I finally had the courage to walk over to him. We danced a bit as soon as we saw each other. I barely looked at his face. Then, I slipped and fell on some beer that was spilled on the floor. He picked me up. I laughed it off and walked away. That was the end of our first in-person interaction. I was beyond embarrassed. After that, we saw each other here and there at clubs and parties over the next 6 months and would always be drawn to each other. We went to Ultra Music Festival Miami in March of 2014 and spent almost the entirety of the festival together. I realized that there was something more to our relationship when I came home from the festival and missed him. We became official on April 5th, 2014.

How They Asked

For years I’ve told Tomasz I wanted an intimate proposal. I wanted it to just be the two of us and that’s exactly what I got. He set up a tiny table in his backyard with candles, champagne, red rose petals on the ground, and one of my favorite foods, sushi. He got down on one knee on the back patio and I said “of course I will.” The only evidence of our proposal is security camera footage. It was perfect.

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