Dominique and Reid

Dominique and Reid Porter's Engagement in Rebagliatti Park, Whistler, BC, Canada

How We Met

Reid and I met at the University of Maine in 2009 at a mutual friend’s place. We both played Ice Hockey for the University, which is how we came to have similar friends. We saw each other again later that year and talked for hours about hockey and our backgrounds. There was an instant connection. Reid and I saw each other the following year and we decided to hang out. The night of my birthday and the day before I was leaving for Vancouver, BC for summer break he decided he wanted to come out and visit me. He flew out to Vancouver for the Stanley cup finals (Canucks vs Bruins) and my family instantly loved him, even though he was a Boston Bruins fan and they won. Ever since, we have been rivals when it came to hockey haha. This is when our love story began. 06/18/2011.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rebagliatti Park, Whistler, BC, Canada

Dominique's Proposal in Rebagliatti Park, Whistler, BC, Canada

Proposal Ideas Rebagliatti Park, Whistler, BC, Canada

how they asked

I was back home visiting my family in Vancouver, BC. I was planning a surprise bridal shower for my brother’s fiancee. After the shower, a bunch of us went up to Whistler to celebrate some more and planned to stay there for a couple days to ice fish and snowboard. We got up there and I was the 5th wheel, just wishing that my boyfriend was with us. We decided to get ready to head out to the village when my future sister-in-law said lets do our hair and take a shot before we head out. I was thinking to myself…this isn’t like her, but yeah let’s do it! We headed down the street toward the bridge (my favorite spot in the whole world) that connects the upper village to the lower village at Rebagliatti park. My brother stopped us and took a picture of the three of us girls. All of a sudden I see this face poking through on my right, and I was thinking to myself ‘oh Greg (my friend’s husband) is photobombing us haha.’ I turn around to say something to Greg, and I jump back and scream! It was my boyfriend, Reid! He completely surprised me!

He flew all the way in from the state of Maine a couple days prior to ask my fathers for my hand. It took him a couple attempts to pull me off of him before he could tell me that he loves me with all his heart and never wants to be away from me another second. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I SAID YES!

The best part is is that I get to relive the moment over and over again because my brother wasn’t actually taking a picture, he filmed the whole thing! I had the most amazing moment of my life and I got to share that moment with my family and friends. January 17th, 2016 will be a day I never forget. The Knot, thank you so much for letting me share this precious moment!

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Shane Goutsis | 
Brother; Videotaped the proposal
Greg Sisson | 
Photographed the proposal
Candida Poore
Engagement photos; Olive Juice Photography, in Brunswick, ME