Dominique and Peter

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How We Met

We went to the same college together for 4 years before he said anything to me. It’s funny now because we definitely knew of each other… we were both athletes and passed each other in the hallways literally all the time, exchanging glances every now and then. But I didn’t believe I had a chance. Then out the blue, he drunk messages me during Christmas break and I was starstruck! Did THE PETER HOOLEY just write to me?! Of course, I played it cool. Not long after, we would travel the world & spending the next 5 Christmas’ together <3

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How They Asked

Pete is Australian and I’m a Brooklyn girl so the first time I took him to meet my family, I tried to show him everything I loved about my city. Strangely he was a better tour guide than me but I knew I had one spot that wasn’t on his itinerary: the Brooklyn promenade. We love going for strolls, biking, exploring so I had so much fun showing him everything it had to offer. After we moved to Australia, we’d only come back to NY once a year so that we could visit my family. On this exact trip home, my emotions were already high because I missed my twin sister’s pregnancy announcement & engagement party. I was so excited to see her; nothing was going to ruin that. Of course, we planned to go for a walk on the promenade and Pete seemed off.

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He wouldn’t let my pregnant sister stop for ice cream and I caught a mini attitude with him over that lol. He was so adamant about taking a picture on the exact rock we did 4 years prior when I first showed him the promenade. Of course, I humored him. We did a few poses and he smoothly positions himself off the rock and on one knee…I’m crying, my twin is crying and yelling “Omg, Dom, I didn’t know, I didn’t know” (we can’t keep secrets from each other for NOTHING). Come to find out, Pete and my twins’ husband were in cahoots for months planning this so that all of us would’ve been engaged just a few days from each other lol!!

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Even though I love my life in Australia, He knew how much I missed my sister and how I felt about missing all of her important life events. The fact he flew us 10,000 miles across the world so that she could be there to witness our love makes this is my most favorite memory of life… I cannot wait to marry this man.

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