Dominique and Kyre

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Carnival dream cruise

How We Met

Who wants to hear a love story? It all started when we were 14 years old. We met at a mutual friend house, and the rest was history from there. Kyre and I became best friends from the day we met until now. Inseparable wasn’t the word, from long phone calls, sneaking out, and just obsessed with each other. But one thing for sure that I always knew was he would never leave my side. No matter the distance, or even months without speaking; he would always hold a very special place in my heart. Which brings us to last year December 2, 2017. I was invited on his family trip on a cruise for his family reunion. The surprise of falling in love was the last thing on my mind. I had an amazing time with his family on the trip, they were so kind and welcoming of me. Not knowing that my best friend was secretly falling in love with me and I secretly falling in love with him would bring us so much happiness. The night before the trip ended we laid next to one another, and he poured his heart out to me. It was so beautiful how he spoke about his feelings about me. We kissed, hugged, and separated that next morning. That was far from the end of us. But that was just the beginning. We stayed in touch I actually traveled with him on the road on my off days. He’s the best trucker I know.

How They Asked

Eventually, we got to December 3, 2018, on carnival dream cruise ship were the love of my life purposed to me. Let me tell you how it all begun. It was captain ball night on the ship was we have to dress elegantly to meet the captain. We got dress, headed to the ball, met the captain, took pictures, and proceeded to dinner. As we proceeded to dinner we noticed this romantic picture book of professional pictures. So we decided to make an appointment to take some pictures together. The appointment was for right after dinner. When we reached dinner my boyfriend started to not look like himself. I asked him was he sick, he replied he was having a little motion sickness, and so he went to the room to get medicine. But to my surprise that wasn’t the only thing he was going to retrieve from the room. He returned to the table, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner; but after dinner, we proceeded to the photo shoot not knowing my world was about to explode with joy. My boyfriend whispered in the photographer’s ear while I looked away telling her he wanted to propose. She gave him her approval. She told me to relax on the sofa as she photograph him first, and i can join in a few. Mika the photographer later told me to join in the shoot. We took several pictures until she directed my boyfriend to get on one knee, and me thinking to myself i was like beautiful pose. But after he got on one knee, she also directed him by saying “ask her the question”, and there you have it.

Dominique's Proposal in Carnival dream cruise

My best friend of eleven years asked me to be his wife, it was so amazing, I cried, smiled,and we laughed together. And the camera was there for all of it catching all of our amazing moment. We got engaged were we fell in love on the ocean, and my engagement ring has blue sapphires to symbolize the ocean. One chapter in my happily ever after with my happily ever after.

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