Dominique and Jackie

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How We Met

Jack & I met at a training for work; we were both starting a new position and had to travel to training. When we were at the training we had a lot of classes together but never actually spoke. We would go to group dinners with other co-workers and have casual conversations w/ each other but nothing too deep. It was clear we were both interested but neither of us made “a move”. One day during training, I went to the bathroom & when I came out he was waiting for me LOL! He said, “is it just me or do we have some type of connection”. I joked about how he followed me out of class, blew him off & went back to my training session. That night a group of us from training went out to dinner and drinks.

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We started talking and dancing, eventually, I left for the night and returned to the hotel with a friend. The next morning. HE CALLED MY HOTEL ROOM! He asked me for my number and at this point, I was done playing hard to get lol. We left training and went back to our lives (mine in Atlanta, GA & his in Harrisburg, PA) but kept in touch. He had to travel to the corporate office (where I worked) in Atlanta often and every time he was here he made sure to see me or that he made plans with me. We became friends and eventually started dating seriously. The rest is history, we’ve traveled all over the world together & can’t imagine life without each other. Thank goodness for training sessions :)

How They Asked

It was Christmas Eve and our families usually celebrate this together, this year my mom was hosting. We play a series of games for prizes and do a gift swap. During Pictionary, he used his turn to pop the question! He drew a “wheel” and as everyone was on the theme of Christmas we were all confused. He moved on and drew the letter “U”. I was on the opposite team so I was yelling and telling him he was cheating by using letters and words LOL.

My aunt eventually caught on when and shouted: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?!” I froze and everyone started yelling. I still wasn’t sure if it was what was actually happening as he was already down on one knee to draw on the board. Then I saw him pull the ring out! It was perfect.