Dominique and Dominick

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How They Asked

So it’s the holidays and my bffs and I always try to do something festive! My BFF Kim suggested we go to the tree because she had never been. I’ve been before so I didn’t think of it as a big deal but I’m like whatever let’s go. She tells me to invite my then bf Dominick so I did. So our other BFF Tamara was coming along so this whole time, I’m thinking it’s just the four of us. Dominick decides to let me invite a few other ppl (who happened to be family members) and I’m thinking, “How did my BFF night turn into all of this!?” So we get to the city, we are working to meet everyone and at this point, it’s like 20 ppl and I’m like, “everyone wanted to see the tree? Okay cool!” We all get there we are admiring the tree and taking photos.

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Dominick decides he wants a group photo, which turns into a photo of us and his family, me and my family, and then just the two of us. At the end of the last photo he goes, “I guess I might as well do it now!” He drops to his knee, pulls out the ring, and asks me to be his wife! I was utterly shocked because I’m usually hard to surprise! He and my BFF Kim had been planning this since October!

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Special Thanks

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