Dominique and Daniel

How We Met: My twin sister Image 1 of Dominique and Danielmet Daniel at her work. She worked in downtown Palo Alto, CA at Rudy’s and Daniel worked at Cheesecake Factory. He always went with his coworkers to Rudy’s after work.

He would see my sister, so one day they were having a conversation and it came up that she was a twin. Much to her surprise, he told her that he was a quadruplet! (yes, 4 boys!!!).

She mentioned how cool it would be for the multiples to meet up the following weekend. Sunday July 10, 2011: My sister and I went to Rudy’s for their weekly beer pong night, and We met!

We barely spoke since there were many people there, but we decided to meet up again that Thursday. We did not exchange phone numbers or anything.

Thursday July 14, 2011: We met at Rudy’s for “club night”. Instead of dancing and drinking, we sat outside and talked. He was with a friend, and we were just having the time of our lives hanging out. when it was time to go home, i told him to text me when he arrived safely (I got his number!!!)

Throughout the next few months, we were just friends. We hung out often (usually with his friend around) and slowly it became just him and i hanging out.

In September, we shared our first kiss! and after an additional 2 months, we went on our OFFICIAL first date on the HornBlower in SF. Saturday November 26, 2011: Dinner and dancing on a boat! We went to the deck of the boat when we were approaching the Golden Gate Bridge! and that is when we both shared how we felt about each other! That is where we sealed the deal with a kiss and became Boyfriend/Girlfriend!!!! :)

how they asked: Basically, we took 1.5 days off for a mini vacation to SF. He rented a small apartment (air BNB) in SF, for two nights. We went to dinner to an Italian restaurant down the ways from there. Then we had plans to go to Alcatraz (we’ve never been) on Tuesday morning. We do that, and spend lunch time at Bubba Gump on pier 39.

After that, he said we had dinner plans at 5. So we went back to the house and got dressed. I had TWO Dresses put aside. I tried them-he said-they are both gorgeous but I should wear a third option- (dumbfounded: I said huh) and he pulls out the long black dress. GORGEOUS. fits perfectly. We go to the yacht club-which we’ve been to for an event once before. We walk along the water. We are looking at yachts-he asked me which one I would want if I could have one. I chose one. Gorgeous yacht. The best one.

He said-maybe we can go check it out. He tells a man that he wants to check it out. So we do. He then tells me: let’s take it for a ride. Stunned, we get on it. Once we are on it-he tell me to tell my twin where I am (hence the texts). I look up and i see a small helicopter thingy (apparently recording us-had no idea at the time) Then he said: I promised you live music (which he promised me a few weeks ago).

I turn around-a man with a red rose comes up to me and says “hi, I’m Ernie Halter” and gives me the rose. Mind you: I love his music! At this point: I am shocked. Jaw to the floor!!!! He sings our song “save the world” by Swedish House Mafia (but acoustic and slow). I am in tears. Then I turn around I am still stunned. He starts singing another song. We are looking the SF bay.. GORGEOUS WEATHER. THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE IS WOW!

Image 2 of Dominique and Daniel

Then I notice someone walking up the stairs to the top. It was my sister. Then everyone else to follow. 10 people!!!!! Then I started crying. He looked at me (we were under the bridge-where we first told each other that we love one another). And he got down on one knee… And he asked me. I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t feel my legs. It was amazing!!!

Image 3 of Dominique and Daniel

And the surprises continued throughout the night. We went to restaurant where more people were waiting: and had a complete set up for dinner. Pictures everywhere!!!! Then get back to house, and there was a framed photo… With flowers.

Image 4 of Dominique and Daniel

The photo was OUR FIRST KISS. Which he saved for this day!!!!!

Wow!!! So… Yes! Pretty much the most memorable day of my life!

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