Dominique and Angelo

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How We Met

Dominique & Angelo met working with each other in New York City. Dominique was an assistant at ID MEDIA and Angelo was an assistant at Viacom where they both interacted on a daily basis. Their first client lunch together was at STK in Midtown Manhattan where something sparked between them. She ordered an espresso and he knew that was the one. Angelo never had met a girl that loved espresso. “It was the espresso” Angelo said, and it led to the start of something so amazing.

From that day forward Dominique & Angelo were together ever since. They realized they had a ton in common and grew up nearly 5 minutes from each other. Dominique from Little Ferry, NJ & Angelo from East Rutherford,NJ – what a coincidence! Angelo is also a professional DJ as well and is a resident at D’JAIS in Belmar,NJ where Dominique goes every summer. That summer in 2012 they fell madly in love with each other and started their relationship with much love and happiness. The two were meant to be from the start and they have many more chapters ahead.

how they asked

Dominique & Angelo’s proposal was something so different and very thought-out. Angelo had planned an amazing day for this to happen. On Sunday July 12th, 2015, Angelo had set a dinner with Dominique & her best friends. This was a usual dinner they had done every 2-3 weeks with them. Behind the scene Angelo had her family, his family, and their best friends hide at the location where he planned on proposing. The location was at Blue Eyes in Hoboken, NJ which sat right along the Hudson River overlooking the NYC skyline.

When the two had arrived for a 6PM dinner Dominique’s best friends had texted her that they were running late (not knowing her family and friends were hiding alongside the waterfront watching her and Angelo). Then, Angelo had a plane fly right above them along the Hudson River overlooking the NYC skyline which read… “I <3 YOU DOM, WILL YOU MARRY ME? <3 ANGELO” She automatically heard the plane which flew low and circled the restaurant and NYC skyline. Angelo then dropped on one knee and proposed to Dominique. She looked up at the plane and read it then quickly looked at Angelo and said, “NO WAY”. Angelo also had an undercover photographer there taking pictures of them.

She of course, said YES when he told her how he felt and asked her to marry her. Then screams from the area applauded them. Family and close friends came out running with love and happiness congratulating them. From there Angelo had set up a huge dinner with all of the family and friends at Blue eyes. Lots of food, and alcohol poured out to celebrate the occasion. In that moment it couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

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