Dominique and Adam

Image 1 of Dominique and Adam

How We Met

Our story began with a very long road trip. We met in 2010 on an election campaign bus – Dominique a political staffer, Adam a journalist covering the New Brunswick general election. We spent 32 days traveling the province, and ultimately getting to know each other. I mean we didn’t have a choice, we were together for the entirety of the campaign We both moved to the provincial capital where Dominique worked in the Premier’s Office and Adam became the President of the Press Gallery.

Image 2 of Dominique and Adam

how they asked

Dominique’s career eventually brought her to Ottawa. Adam’s recently did as well. While living provinces apart, Adam had promised that he would propose as soon as they were together again. He meant that – literally. While unloading the U-Haul truck that reunited the two in Ontario, Adam told Dominique to check a dresser drawer to see if he had left anything in there. He did. There was a ring. Right there and then, in the back of a moving truck a few blocks from Parliament Hill, Adam popped the question. We met on a bus, so we might as well get engaged in a truck. After almost 8 years together, we cannot wait to tie the knot this summer and officially become Team Huras!

Image 3 of Dominique and Adam

Above is a photo/selfie the night of the engagement in front of our U-Haul

Below is a few shots from our engagement photo shoot with a local photojournalist – Andrew Meade (

Image 4 of Dominique and Adam

Image 5 of Dominique and Adam

Image 6 of Dominique and Adam

Image 7 of Dominique and Adam

Special Thanks

Andrew Meade
 | Photographer for our engagement photo shoot