Dominiece and Chad

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How We Met

I transferred to FIU in August 2008 and did not know anyone. I met my, now best friend, Cassandra that semester.One day, she asked me to go to a small house gathering with her because she is a little more shy and I am a little more outgoing. SO of course I say sure. At the gathering we are just sitting around and having a cool time. At a point, We were going around getting introduced to different people (Cassandra and I were both new). Well a young lady introduced herself to us and her boyfriend, Chad. They were both very nice. Fast forwarding a couple years, Chad and I would see each on campus and he would always just say “hi” in passing. Trust me, we weren’t even paying to each other in any romantic capacity…especially me, LOL!

Well around early 2010, My friend Cassandra called me up while I was I the library studying. She said “Hey, can you go with Chad to pick up Bernice from work on South Beach, just show him how to get there” I said “Sure”. (Bernice is our other best friend and we used to work together so I knew exactly where she worked)

*NOTE: Oh Chad and his girlfriend broke up somewhere in 2009.*

So I politely pack up and proceed to meet him at the dorm parking lot to go ride to South Beach. During the ride, I cant event tell you what we spoke about, but what i can remember is the way he looked at me. HE looked at me in the most intense way, like he was staring into my sould and listening to every. single. word that came out of my mouth. It was so intense, it actually made me uncomfortable, LOL! I just kept thinking to myself like “OMG, this man is looking into the depths of my life, I’ve never had this before”…but as uncomfortable as it was, I liked it.

We had great conversation all the way to Bernice’s job, which he KNEW EXACTLY how to get there. And I know somewhere along the way, I mention I was hungry and he replied “Well come back to my room, we are all going to be cooking”. I didn’t take him seriously, I wasn’t about to go back to his room. He was cool.. but he wasn’t THAT cool, lol. Well, we got Bernice and drove back to campus and once we reached campus, I was still hungry. He then said, ” I told you can come to my room, we are all cooking” and Bernice assured me the same. SO apparently Cassandra, Bernice, Chad, his roommate, Alejandro, and other friends had this nightly routine of going to Chad’s dorm and all having a potluck type of dinner every night. So I joined in.. and it was the best decision I ever made.

Every night for months, we would all get together and make food and stay up all night basically with each other. Overtime, Chad and I grew on each other. Never was i interested in him, but this man and the person he is was irresistible.

And one night, while we were all in his room and I was sitting on his couch, I thought to myself “I have to Marry this man. The person he is, I will never find again in my lifetime. I have to marry this man.” Mind you we weren’t in a relationship or anything, but the people like him are a rare find, and I mean that in every sense of “rare find”. I mean that as him being a friend to others and being a partner for me and a son and brother and just everything, you won’t find many people like him…and that’s why I cant wait to marry him.

how they asked

Alright, Chad and I have been together Since May 2011, that’s a little over 5 years. We love to travel and tend to just travel on a whim (If there is some type of flight deal going on) and now that I am in school pursuing my second Master’s degree, my schedule is very strict. Well I found out that my program was giving us a week off of school, so I asked Chad “Hey, let’s go to Machu Picchu, I’ve been wanting to go for years, so If I can find a good bargain, can we go?”. He said “Sure”. So the Heavens loved us and right in October I found a good flight to go to Peru for November. Soon after, Chad invited our friends, Luther and Kandace (they are a couple) to come along. So we were all set for Friday, November 19 to leave for Lima Peru, we stayed in Lima over the weekend and flew to Cusco, Peru on Sunday, November 20. On Monday, November 21, we got up around 4 am to catch our 3 1/2 hour train ride from Cusco to the Aguas Calientes, which is the city at the foot of Machu Picchu. Now, On the train ride, the four of us friends were talking about different things in life and a stranger (who was travelling alone) sitting next to us jumped into the conversation. His name is Jeff and he was super nice and cool. The whole train ride the 5 of us became acquainted and enjoyed one another. By the time we reached Aguas Calientes, Jeff was our new friend and we all decided to stick together through the Machu Picchu experience.

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Well the thing is Chad and I had tickets to climb the huge mountain called Hayuana Picchu (the mountain in the background in the photos) no one else had those tickets due to it being sold out. SO we all agreed on a plan, Chad and I would climb Hayuana Picchu while the other three would do the Sun Gate trail and in 2 hours we would all reconnect to see all the Machu Picchu Ruins together.

Chad and I set out for a climb…this was a STRENUOUS climb, to say the least. During the climb up, Chad kept rushing me, “he kept saying com’on com’on we don’t want to be doing this all day”. It got to the point where I was getting angry, I told him “Look, if I stop its because I need to rest… we have time.. you’re ruining the moment and experience… I’m getting frustrated with you”. We finally reach the top an hour later, the views were AMAZING.. so worth the climb and hard work. You could see all of Machu Picchu and all the roads and mountains and the clouds, it was awesome. We took lots of photos and stayed a little while before we set to climb down.

Finally we reached the bottom of Hayuana Picchu, tired, exhausted, and hungry. SO when we go to the bottom, Chad said “Ok we need to find Luther.” I say “Ok, sure”. So we spend the next almost hour searching high and low to find Luther and everyone. It got to a point where we left and even had to re-enter Machu Picchu to find them (During this time we are still site seeing the ruins and enjoying our surroundings). After a while I said “Chad, if we don’t find Luther its OK we will see them all at the train, no worries”. He was like “Well I want to take them all to the spot we saw, it will be great for picture” (Note: “The Spot” was later the place where he proposed). I said to him “Ok that’s fine.” So again, we set out more to find Luther and the gang… and FINALLY Jeff spots us. YAY!

Well by the time Jeff finds us, we only have maybe about 45 minutes left before we have to leave Machu Picchu, which I voiced to the group because I pre-planned the day and a stickler for time so we don’t miss our bus to get to our train. Luther and Jeff make it clear they want to continue to go around and see the Ruins since we are pressed for time, which was fine but we had to hurry. During the way, we are stopping and taking photos along the way to the spot, because Chad told the group he wanted to show them where to get a great photo.

FINALLY, we reached a spot (close to the proposal place) and Chad wants to take group photos, by this time, time is of the essence we need to start leaving. However we take the photos. Then Chad wants to move to a different location, which was “The Spot”, to take even more photos. I’m a little antsy and impatient at this moment because we really need to go, we were one of the lasts people in the Machu Picchu Ruins. However, I oblige to take more photos, but at this point WE NEED TO LEAVE.

NOTE: My beloved fiancee is amazing and the best, but he is not a timely person. He takes his time doing evvveerryythhiinggg. LOL. So I tend to get impatient with him when we have to be places.

*Cue Proposal Video*

So this group photo we are suppose to be taking, became a “Chad and I” photo. So as I am posing to take the photo, Chad is fidgeting with the settings on the GoPro Camera to set it up through his phone. *I’m antsy and impatient because we have to go*. Then Luther says “Ok Chad, let me just take the photo on the regular camera” , I say “Yea, because we don’t have time for this right now”. Then Luther takes a photo and Chad is like “Hey my lips are chapped, can you reach in my bag and get the chap stick”. That sets me over the edge, I’m HIGHLY annoyed at this point and frustrated. As I’m saying some obscenities and going on about how we don’t have time for this, I pull out a cocobutter stick and wait for chad to apply so we can retake the photo. (Chad meant for me to see and grab this little pink book, but I looked right passed it) . So after he applied the coco-butter and placed it back in his bag, he just handed me the pink little book, titled “50 things I love about Dominiece by Chad”. Its one of those fill-in-the-blank books. At that moment, I KNEW something was about to happen. All I said was “Oh my gosh”… and both Luther and Chad urged me to read the words aloud on the pages.

Pages 1-5 had little phrases like ” I Love hearing stories about your childhood”, “When you are away from me, all I think about is the moment you will be back in my arms”, “You are my favorite person to annoy in the world”, etc. And on Page 6, it said “I think we’d be great as husband and wife” and in the lower right and corner the ring was inside of the book. He had cut a little square into the rest of the 44 pages and placed the ring inside of the square.

Now while all of this is happening, Kandace, Luther’s girlfriend had NO IDEA of the plan… so she started to react as much or probably more than I did. It was HILARIOUS! She kept saying “Oh my God, Oh My God… am I experiencing this right now?” Hahahah It was sooo funny. Mind you, Jeff even knew because he was the one filming from his phone (Luther tipped him off earlier in the day when the three of them were together).

Chad grabbed the book from me, and proceeded to get on one knee. He said his sweet message to me (which I partially didn’t even hear because I was in such shock ) and he asked me to Marry Him. And of course, I said YES!!!…and so did Kandace in the video hahahahahahaha.

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