Dominic and Leandra

How We Met

Leandra and I met 3 years ago while I was bartending at a local bar in Chicago. I remember seeing her for the first time and thinking to myself there is something special about this girl, something amazing…she is someone I need to be around for a very long time. She emailed me via Facebook weeks later and actually asked me on our first date and from then on we were inseparable! This is our first picture together on her birthday just days before our first date!

Where to Propose in The Drake Hotel in Chicago

how they asked

So the set up is this…I told Leandra that we would be going to see a friend of mine as he embarks on his new career as a motivational speaker to show support. I also told her that I would be assisting him in this presentation. That really is all she knows. She is unaware that the entire room is in on it and is full of our family and friends. The video she watches was put together by Aaron Hechtman as well as the entire full video on youtube.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Drake Hotel in Chicago

Proposal Ideas The Drake Hotel in Chicago

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