Domenic and Melinda

Domenic's Proposal in San Diego, CA

How We Met

We had the same group of friends but had never met one another. I actually was dating someone else in our group at the time but It was an instant attraction for me the day I met him. One night all of our friends were hanging out and he was coming back from a friends birthday party, and as he comes walking up to where we were all sitting he finally introduces himself to me.

Proposal Ideas San Diego, CA

Domenic and Melinda's Engagement in San Diego, CA

He was almost 2 years younger than me but that didn’t bother me at all! Him and I were friends for a little over 2 years until we finally admitted our feelings towards each other. He took me to a restaurant/deli called Mona Lisa’s. We both love sandwiches so it was a perfect first date place to go. It’s in a cute little area in downtown San Diego called Little Italy. After our first date we went on a million more!

how they asked

Two years ago Domenic and I moved to the bay area and we go back home to our families in San Diego every holiday. So we went down for Easter this year. The day before Easter Domenic picked me up with his youngest brother Spencer to go have some lunch at Mona Lisa’s ( where our first date was) I didn’t think too much of it because we are regulars there! Spencer let me know after that Domenic was practically breaking a sweat the entire time he was so nervous, he though I was going to see the ring box in his sock. So we ordered sandwiches and took them to go to eat them down by Harbor Island where you can sit and have the view of the ocean and the Coronado bridge. Once we were done eating Domenic asked me to take a picture of him and Spencer. I guess previously while he was sitting down eating his sandwich he had already untied his shoe lace ( which also I didn’t notice). So I took the picture and then Domenic asked Spencer to take a pic of him and I and as we were situating our poses he said ” oh wait let me tie my shoe lace before I trip over one of these rocks” and as he goes down to tie his shoe he l gets down on one knee lifts up his pants and takes the ring box out of his sock and asks “Melinda, will you marry me?”

It was truly the most beautiful sparkly perfect ring I had ever laid eyes on! Truly everything I had ever wanted and more! DUH! Of course I said yes, I actually said ” OMG YES, YES!!