Man Surprises Girlfriend AND Dolly Parton with Adorable Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Nicole and Roger

How We Met

Roger and I met in October of 2014 through his mom. I worked with her at Dillard’s and she would tell me all about him. When she would go home, she would tell him all about me. One day she suggested I friend request him on Facebook. Well, after a week or so, I did. Roger accepted my friend request and sent me a message. We swapped numbers and he asked me out on a date. We went on our first date to a local sushi restaurant on October 26, 2014 and we knew after a few months that we were meant to be. So, we moved in together. We like to do a lot of the same things like go to the movies, hang out at home and go to concerts…

how they asked

Dolly Parton has and always will be my role model. So, last summer when she announced her Pure & Simple Tour, my boyfriend surprised me with concert tickets and backstage passes to her New Orleans concert. I was so excited and nervous that I would be meeting my role model come November! Well, the day of the concert finally arrived and when we got backstage and it was our turn to meet her and take a picture, he surprised me again when he got down on one knee and said, “Baby, I will always love you. Will you marry me?”

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Of course, I said yes! Dolly Parton was so surprised and sweet about it (she even told our proposal story during her concert)! It was one of the best nights of our life and a memory we will forever cherish!

Image 5 of Nicole and Roger

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