Jennifer and Drew's Dog Tag Marriage Proposal

Dog Tag Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Drew and I first met on an online dating website, July 29th, 2014. I was finishing up my last year of grad school and a friend of mine approached me and said I needed to get on this online dating app. Of course, with how busy I was in grad school, I told my friend that I didn’t have time. My friend was persistent about me getting on this dating app, so I finally agreed to download an app called Tinder, after I finished my summer semester. I downloaded the app and was very skeptical about it. If you don’t know how Tinder works, you swipe right if you are interested and left if you are not. To match with someone, they have to swipe right to your profile as well. The first person I swiped right to the app told me I had a match and this was my fiance!! Apparently, my gut feeling was right about this guy! :) I later deleted the app after giving him my number. We talked through text a few times and then randomly I ran into him at the gym and this was the first time we ever met!! We gave each other an awkward, sweaty hug and I went about my day. But, I could not get him off my mind. I was going to the gym daily hoping I would see him again. I ran into him again at the gym and he asked me to play basketball with him. I’ll never forget how much fun I had beating him in “horse,” and if you ask him he says,  “I let you beat me.” Then, for some stupid reason I turned him down twice before agreeing to go on a date with him. He still never lets me forget this. Haha. I blame it on the stress of grad school! I finally agreed to go on a date with him and it’s the best decision I have ever made!

how they asked: Drew Russell proposed to me on May 17th, 2015. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and after church we took my Westie dog, Bella, to one of my most favorite places in OKC, the Myriad Gardens! We were walking my dog around, soaking up the warm sunshine and enjoying our time together.

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The day could not have been more perfect!  I started talking about wanting to have a picnic in the park one day and he showed me an area that he thought would be a perfect spot to have a picnic.   He nonchalantly pointed over to some beautiful flowers to distract me and as I looked away, he reached into his pocket and sneakily dropped a dog tag in the grass.  He reacted and said, “Bella’s dog tag fell off!”

Dog Themed Marriage Proposal_007

So I looked down and it resembled like her tag, so I picked it up and it read “Bella Russell” on the front and “Will you marry me?” on the back.

Dog Tag Marriage Proposal

Dog Themed Marriage Proposal_013

After I read it, he said some very personal words about how much I meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He then dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him!!!

Dog Tag Marriage Proposal

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I was so ecstatic and I immediately said, yes!!! I was in the moment with him and didn’t even realize until about 5 minutes later no only all of the people around but as well as the photographer he had hired to capture our special moment!!!

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Amanda Watson was our photographer and she did such an amazing job!!! She blended in with the others in the park while capturing our moment entirely candid!  I go through my pictures daily!  Each time I feel so grateful that my fiance is very thoughtful and that I have pictures to cherish forever of our proposal!!!

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He also included my best friend!!! She was in the background watching the proposal and once I had realized the photographer, my fiance said, “look in the background,” and to my surprise, there stood my best friend waving at me!

Dog Themed Marriage Proposal_065

I am so happy he included my Westie and my best friend.

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Dog Themed Marriage Proposal_061

Photos by Amanda Watson Photography