Ashley-Rose and Justin's Dog Puzzle Proposal


How we met: Justin and I met 4 years ago through one of our mutual friends, Andrea. I had recently had a really rough break up so she invited me to come up and visit. We ended up going to a popular event in the upstate called freedom weekend aloft and went to a Luke Bryan concert and that’s when we were introduced and it just progressed into not only a wonderful relationship but friendship as well.

how they asked: I am currently in pharmacy school to obtain my doctorate of pharmacy degree. Well, with that comes lots of stress, tears, complaints, and bad days. So after what was already a horrible week, at 7:30AM on Wednesday March 5,2014, Justin wakes me up. He says “I have coffee and breakfast ready for you and have a little surprise since you have had a stressful week already”.

So naturally as any girl would hear surprise I got up and walked into the living room where there was coffee made and a ton of puzzle pieces spread out on the coffee table. I looked at him confused and he said that since I loved having pictures of our Golden Retriever, Lucy, he figured he would do something different for me and I could frame it. So without even thinking anything about it I just started putting it together. After minutes pass, I start to get flustered because it seemed as if there were a lot of pieces missing and I couldn’t get anything to match up. Justin kept reassuring me that they were all there and to just keep trying. Eventually after enough complaining and I’m assuming his anticipation he just handed me the box the puzzle was in and I shook it and didn’t here anything so I opened it and taped inside was the most perfect puzzle pieces with the most perfect words I had ever seen: “will you marry me”. As I turned to look at Justin he was already on one knee. There were tears rolling from both of our eyes and he proposed.


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It was the most perfect and thoughtful proposal I could have ever imagined. It is definitely a day I will never forget.


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