20 Cute Marriage Proposal Ideas with Dogs

Dog Proposal

After seeing this adorable dog beg for a yes, we couldn’t stop our search for more proposals and engagement photos with furry friends! Keep reading for our favorite examples of man’s best friend helping to pop the question.

1) Puppy Tag Proposal
After he gave her this sweet little puppy, she noticed the tag said “Will you marry me?”

2) Puppy Beach Proposal
As soon as she said yes, he brought out an adorable lab puppy to make the proposal even sweeter.

3) Engagement Puppy
First he proposed, then he took her to pick out her dream “engagement puppy” and the story is so cute!

4) Dog Helps Dad Propose
Honestly, who could say no to that face?

5) Puppy Photoshoot Proposal
They were in the middle of a photoshoot, when he and the pup proposed!

6) A Golden Retreiver Helps Dad With Marriage Proposal
This golden retriever waited in the exact spot they became girlfriend and boyfriend to help them get engaged!

7) Pup-posal at Sunset
They were taking family photos with their dog when he got on one knee, and it’s adorable.

8) Poodle Proposal
The story behind this photo is just as sweet as that furry face.

9) Dog Tag Proposal
She noticed the new dog tag just as he got on one knee, and it’s so cute.

10) Dogist Proposal
The Dogist help this guy propose to his girlfriend in the cutest way!

11) Dog Collar Proposal
This dog helped complete the most romantic scavenger hunt ever.

12) Dog Helps Propose
Their furry family photoshoot took an unexpected turn, and even the dog got excited!

13) Emotional Puppy Proposal

Just before her dog passed away, he got permission to propose, including photos! When he finally popped the question, he gave her a book of all the photos, and cue the tears.

14) Dog Park Proposal

She thought it was just another walk in the dog park, but he had something much better planned. He got on one knee to propose, and even their dog was smiling!

15) Photoshoot Proposal with Dog

He set up a photoshoot including their adorable dog, and it was the perfect time to pop the question.

16) Surprise Puppy Proposal

After she said yes, the surprises continued when he gave her the cutest puppy ever!

17) Hiking Proposal with Dog

He stopped their hike to get a treat for their dog, but it was actually an engagement ring for his girlfriend!

18) Free Puppy Proposal

When she saw a carrier on the ground with a “FREE PUPPY” sign, she had no idea it was her boyfriend’s way of proposing!

19) Christmas Puppy Proposal
This puppy was the cutest Christmas gift ever, and it got even better when she realized the dog tag read “Will you marry me?”

20) And finally.. THIS video. We apologize ahead of time for the tears (of joy!)