Dog Helps with Scavenger Hunt Proposal

VON_0013How We Met: Dominick and I met 8 years ago when we worked together at a restaurant in Toms River, NJ. There was always an attraction between us, but it was never acted on until 2 ½ years ago when we reconnected and have been inseparable ever since.

(From the photographer, Nicole Klym: Renee was a winner of a photo session contest I ran months ago and chose June 15 for their session date. The reason I was able to catch their proposal was because I reached out to Dominick days beforehand asking if he had any intentions of proposing sometime soon, because I knew they were pretty serious. He had told me of his plans for the evening before the scheduled session, and asked if I’d like to be there hiding to capture the proposal. So what was supposed to be an ordinary couples photo session the following day turned into an engagement session!)

how they asked: I thought June 14, 2014 was just going to be a normal Saturday. I had taken the night off of work to hang out with Dominick because he had just returned from a business trip. In the late afternoon we went for massages that I had booked for us months before. I was all done with my massage and came out of the room ready to see Dominick and couldn’t wait to ask how his massage was, until I realized he wasn’t there. The masseuse then told me Dominick had to leave and that he left me a rose and a heart shaped card with instructions inside letting me know that he was going to send me on a little scavenger hunt.


From there, he sent me a couple more places with each place having a rose and a heart shaped card with more instructions. Some of the instructions were to shower, get ready, be ready by 7:00, and to wear something a little dressy. The final heart-shaped note wasn’t to be opened until 7:00. This note instructed me to go to the place we met, where they would give me something there. When I arrived, the hostess handed me a rose and a card. At the end of the card there were instructions to text him when I was done reading and he would tell me my final destination. I then texted Dominick and he sent me an address which brought me to the Island Heights pier.


When I arrived there, I walked down the pier and saw Dominick sitting on a bench with our dog Princess. As I got closer I saw Princess had a bedazzled collar on with a sign that said “will you marry me?” Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! This was the best proposal I could ever dream of! The fact that he put so much thought and effort into it and included our dog, who is my baby, makes it that much more special and meaningful.










Photography by Nicole Klym Photography