Family Photoshoot (Dog Too!) Turns into Marriage Proposal

Dog Helps with Marriage Proposal_02

I know that I wasn’t the only one who had a crush on the new boy. He was adorable – so cool for an eighth grader. Of course every girl was talking about “the new kid” but there wasn’t a chance he knew who I was. But then he was gone the next semester.

So the following year when I saw him at the mall with a friend of mine – I was pretty delighted. Okay – so I had a boyfriend – but this guy was too good to pass up. We struck a conversation, but he didn’t seem interested, so on I went.

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A couple months later, I ran into them again, and was of course enamored once again by his good looks, and “bad boy” physique. We started talking, and hit it off.

Fast forward seven and a half years. We live together and adopted an amazing dog. We had talked about marriage, but he insisted he wasn’t ready. He had student loans to pay off, and other things on his mind. After years of pestering, I realized that it would happen one day, but not for a while.

Tuesday afternoon my boss Tammy Swales, an incredible photographer, tells all of her staff to come to work on Wednesday dressed romantic flirty for a photo shot. She tells us that she needs us to model for her. I am so excited. That morning, Tammy gets us all set for the shot. We are all dancing around the white room in our “dress up” clothes. The shoot seems odd, but who am I to judge! I thought I must have been a natural model (at 5’4) when she started focusing the camera on me alone. The next thing I know, both Gregg and our dog, Dizzy, come join me on set, wearing their finest attire. My first thought? Oh we’re going to take some family photos – how fun! As I’m pondering why Gregg would be on his knee (was he tying his shoe?) he began telling me how much I mean to him, and how it would make him the happiest man alive to call me his wife. I exploded with happiness, and couldn’t believe what was happening. Of course I said yes, and Gregg drew my attention to Dizzy’s collar – a white bow tie. Gregg had fastened my engagement ring (which was my great grandmother, and mothers diamond) to his collar, and of course, Niagra Falls take two.


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The day couldn’t have been more perfect, and I’m so happy to know that the rest of my life will be spent with him by my side.

Photos by Tammy Swales