Doaa and Ammar's Skydiving Proposal

Image 1 of Doaa Safaa and Ammar Yasir

how we met

The story of how we met goes back to January 3, 2014, I started to get ready for Sara Altowaiji’s wedding, but I had no idea what was to come. You see, it all started at a photo booth. I was the brother of the bride, I was with my friends who delayed a group picture of them just so that am at the right time and the right place to take a group picture at that same photo booth.

I wanted to hold the “I’m still single” sign, I kept looking for it but with no luck. I insisted to a point where I asked out loud about where that sign was. But there she was, standing, taking a photo, holding that sign, and looking at me then the sign then me again and the rest was history.

Image 2 of Doaa Safaa and Ammar Yasir

how they asked

The Story of how I asked was that on her birthday, I surprised her with a tandem skydive which when she found out about, she insisted not to jump as she is scared from heights, but I was like if I could make her trust me and convince her to jump, that’s a good step prior to proposing.

Image 3 of Doaa Safaa and Ammar Yasir

As we were paying, I waited until she went to the washroom so I could manage to slip the ring and the speech that I had written to the workers there, just in case that I lost words because of the moment, especially followed by jumping four kilometers high.

When we were on the plane, they made me jump earlier and he delayed the opening of the parachute so that we would reach earlier and I would get ready for her to reach the ground after me. I waited down with my heart racing. I still don’t know whether it was because of the jump or the upcoming moment or both!

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