D'Meca and Anthony

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

How We Met

Anthony and I met in 2011 while studying at Columbia University. I invited him to my sorority crush party and he received a “secret invitation,” without knowing which member had invited him. We spoke several times that evening and were friendly after the party, but sparks didn’t fly until a full year later when we ran into each other out at a college bar. We spoke the entire evening and the rest was history! We dated for 7 years before he proposed.

How They Asked

In the Spring of 2019, we were looking forward to a trip to Dallas to unwind, see our friends and family, and close on our first home purchase. Anthony proposed, just the two of us, on the first evening in our new home. All of our family and friends were in town for a family member’s birthday, so we shared the good news with them over brunch the following day!

D'Meca and Anthony's Engagement in Dallas, Texas

Special Thanks

Lauren Cowart
 | Photographer