DK and Pauline

how we met

We met through work! Pauline started working at the same company and reached out to DK to chat about working on things and DK actually ignored her emails for 2 months! We finally bumped into each other in the office unexpectedly one day and it took off from there!

how they asked

At the time, we loved visiting Tulum, it became our home away from home and we both just felt fully relaxed and happy there. Close friends were getting married north of Tulum and we decided to extend the trip and spend an extra few days relaxing in Tulum. Our friends actually asked to tag along to our trip to explore Tulum with us after their wedding. DK wanted to propose in our special place, so asked our friends to help and be a part of it since they were joining. One friend kept teeing up how great he heard the sunrises were months before the trip and kept planting that seed for Pauline. When the time finally came, our friends woke us up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise on our 2nd day in Tulum. Pauline woke up and said “wow, they really weren’t joking about this sunrise”, reluctantly got up threw on some clothes in 2 minutes to meet everyone at the beach. Our friends were already there, listening to music and taking pics of the sunrise holding the ring for DK. Over an hour later, DK finally got on one knee, after our friends queued up a special song for us, “Made to Love” John Legend’s Spotify session. Pauline was completely shocked, burst into tears and apparently blacked out for the moments, but said “yes”!

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