Dixie and Steve

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How We Met

Steve and I met through personal friends at the university where we both work. We work in athletics, but I am an athletic academic advisor and he is the director of facilities. At the time, I was living with an assistant coach for the Women’s Soccer team and he was best friends with the head coach. One day, my roommate invited me to a happy hour after work at an awesome restaurant with outside seating. As I sat at the table with my roommate, her boss and his fiancee’, I was introduced to Steve. Eventually, every one decided to head home. However, before he left, he asked for my phone number. We communicated that very night and have been together ever since! I later found out that both my roommate and her boss (Steve’s best friend) both decided to coordinate this meet-up because they thought we’d be perfect together!

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how they asked

I live in Maryland but call Mississippi home. The weekend of May 11-14, I was scheduled to go home to attend my mom’s graduation from nursing school. The original plan was to fly home to MS for her pinning on Thursday, and then head down to Mobile where we would have a big graduation party for her that included friends and family in the area. I was bummed because Steve wasn’t going to be able to make it due to having to work that weekend. Prior to heading to Mobile, my cousin texted me a picture of a white dress that she had bought for me, stating that as a Mother’s Day/Graduation gift, my mom wanted professional family pictures done and she had coordinated it all for that Saturday afternoon. Saturday rolls around and one of my good friends from college had driven in to visit with me for Saturday/Sunday. My mom, friend, and I all go to get mani/pedi’s on Saturday morning. When I returned to the house, I got ready for pictures (my cousin did my make-up so that I would be picture ready!). As guests for “my mom’s party” start rolling in, I am instructed that I need to take some individual photos while my mom finishes getting her make-up done. My cousin drives me over to the house where the pictures would be taken (it was a neighbor’s backyard pond as the backdrop). Still unsuspecting, I start walking towards the pond, and then I spot Steve. I immediately burst into tears from both shock that he is actually in Mobile and excitement because I know what is about to happen. He gets down on one knee and gives me the most beautiful message. Once we finish taking some photos, we head back over to the house to join everyone. As I am rounding the corner, I spot 5 of my best friends (ranging from 1st grade to college friends) all cheering! He had taken the time to call them individually and invite them to be a part of this special day. Another of my best friends surprised me the morning after! It was truly the most perfect day of my life!!

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Special Thanks

Mandi Robison
 | Planning
Samantha Lee
 | Photographer
Serena Morrow
 | Planning