Dita and Rio

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tegallalang Rice Terrace - Ubud - Bali

How We Met

I first met Rio about 4 years ago at a Christmas event at church when we were still studying in Melbourne back then. We didn’t talk much that night but later I found out that right on the next day, he actually messaged my housemate that he had a crush on me LOL. Five months later we had our first date. Yes it took that long coz I played it hard and just somehow never realised how amazing Rio is until our first few dates. We then became official on our 5th date.

We really love to try new things together. One very fun way for us to explore things is through traveling together. We love road tripping so much. Above is a photo of us when we were traveling to Adelaide.

how they asked

We were on a Bali vacation almost a month ago and we have planned to visit the Tegallalang rice field very early morning because Rio told me the sunrise would be epic. So that day (18/07/18), we luckily didn’t fall asleep and went there as planned. Rio told me we just gonna take photos for the Instagram, so yeah I thought its just gonna be a normal day because he is a full-time Photographer. Then we arrived at this spot where the sun and the view were just so perfect.

Where to Propose in Tegallalang Rice Terrace - Ubud - Bali

Then Rio asked me to stand in a spot while he flew his drone filming in my direction. That moment is when he finally came to me, hugged me so tight and finally popped the question. I couldn’t hold my tears, it was the happiest day of my life ever. Then I couldn’t believe it as well that the drone was actually filming the whole thing. So I feel so lucky to have a photographer boyfriend, now fiance :)

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