Disney's Turtle Talk Proposal

From Ethan: I had been thinking about how I was going to propose to Courtney for a long time. I had tossed ideas around for about a year. I realized early on in my mission that I needed Courtney to be in my life forever. It was the longest we had spent apart since we met back in 2006 (I left on my mission the beginning of 2010). While I was on my mission my mom emailed me about going to Disneyland when I got home and maybe inviting Courtney and her parents to come along as well. I always thought that’d be a cool place to propose. The only problem was thinking of where and how to do it there, in Disneyland. There were so many possibilities. Courtney’s favorite Disney movie is Finding Nemo and one of my favorite things in California Adventure is Turtle Talk. My mom was actually the one who came up with the idea. So we just had to figure out if they would let us do something during Turtle Talk. I wasn’t sure how it would work and really didn’t know how or if it would until about an hour before it happened.

A couple weeks before we left to Disneyland, my parents and I went down to Dukes Jewelry in Utah County. My parents had been friends with the owner since college at BYU. It’s actually where my Dad bought my mom’s wedding ring. So I went down and picked a ring I knew she’d like. I was a little more old school and didn’t bring her with me. It has to be a surprise. I did a lot of research and she had given me ideas so I was confident I could pick one out.

We left for Disneyland on the 18th of April. We drove so it took us a night to get there. The 20th was our first day in the park. Courtney hadn’t been there since she was five, so it was basically like her first time.

I still wasn’t sure how it was going to work at Turtle Talk and I needed to be able to get away from Courtney to go talk to the cast members there. Well, we got soaked on Splash Mountain and it ended up helping because everyone wanted to go back to the hotel to change. My Dad and I took everyone’s tickets to go get fast passes for a ride in California Adventure. While we were there we went to Turtle Talk to figure out if it was going to work. It ended up working out great! The cast members were so excited. The lady that helped us was so fun. She ran back to talk to the “turtles” and to figure out a plan. They came up with this whole scheme and it turned out perfect. I figured she was already expecting something and I didn’t want anything to give it away.

So with everything set up and ready to go we had to come back to the 7:00 show and they would handle the rest. My dad and I met everyone back at the hotel, we ate dinner and then went back to California Adventure to use our fast passes. While walking to the Tower of Terror my mom said she wanted to go into the animation building. So we walked in there and saw Turtle Talk and we decided “on a whim” to go to that instead. While we were standing out in the lobby, one of the cast members came to us and started chatting with us a little bit. She then said we were selected to have a “Magic Moment.” It’s something that the cast members randomly do with guests for fun. We were able to go in to the auditorium early and pick our seats (front row). This was mainly so Crush could see who he was supposed to call on for the proposal. The rest is history… and in the video above.

I was a little nervous about what to say. It’s been a long time coming and I didn’t want to ruin it. Courtney had been waiting for this moment to happen for a long time. I wanted to tell her that the wait was almost over. It’s hard to believe we’re getting married next month and I couldn’t be happier.

From Courtney: So you already know that the whole ordeal happened in Disneyland. I’m just going to start from there. Ethan gets home from his mission in February and right off the bat he starts planning this trip to California. We drove there and I was so excited to get to “the happiest place on earth” because like Ethan mentioned…I hadn’t been there since I was five. I don’t remember anything from that trip except not being able to ride Indiana Jones because I was too short. anyways, back to the proposal.

I got drenched on the ride, Splash Mountain so Ethan and his dad went to go get us fast passes while my parents, me, and Ethans mom, went back to our hotel to change into dry clothes and just fix up before going to dinner then back to the park for the World Of Color light show in California Adventure. Once we were all ready to go we walked over to Subway, ate then we were on our way to Tower of Terror. While walking to Tower Of Terror, Jane (Ethans mom) wanted to go into the animation building. We saw “Turtle Talk” and I got super excited because I LOVE the movie Finding Nemo! we were about a half hour early and just standing around when one of the ladies working came up to us and was asking where we were visiting from and just having small talk. She told us that we were picked to have a “Magical Moment” and were going to be able to go in before anyone else and pick our seats. We sat on the front row and just waited for the show to start.

I’m going to rewind for just one sec. Before we left to California the thought of Ethan proposing while we were on this trip HAD crossed my mind so I thought I would try to get something out of him. I asked him if he had found a ring and he played it off really well. His exact words “ugh, no, I haven’t had time…I should probably do that after we get back from Disneyland”.

With that being said…I had given up thinking that him proposing in Disneyland was going to happen. So back to “Turtle Talk”. We had been in there about five minutes when they let the rest of the crowd come in to watch the show. Crush comes to the screen and starts talking to the little kids, asking/answering questions and playing games. Crush then goes on to choose on older people to play games. He asked if anyone else wanted to play a game and a bunch of people raise their hand (including Ethan). Crush chooses Ethan and invites us to come up and play a game….We agree and walk up front. Crush has Ethan and I turn our backs to the crowd, close our eyes and count to five…..We count to five, I turn around and BAM, Ethan is in front of me, down on one knee….I don’t remember anything after that so thank goodness my dad caught it all on film!!
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