Elizabeth and Tommy's Disneyland Proposal

50162210081How we met: Tommy and I met at work. We both started in a new department on the same day. He was wearing an electric blue dress shirt, black glasses, and had a grey backpack on his back. Before he said his name I knew who he was. I was given a list of my new coworkers before we started, so I totally Facebook stalked him!

how they asked: I am absolutely CRAZY for Disney.

I was so excited for my birthday trip to Disneyland as an incredible gift from my now Mother in Law-to-be. Tommy was adamate that I plan our first adventure of the day, so naturally I chose Fantasy Faire. This is a new attraction at Disneyland where 3 princesses have their own greeting area. This was my first time there and I was THRILLED that Ariel was one of the featured princesses. We waited in line and I was just as excited as the 4 year olds around me.

We entered to the first room where Cinderella was. She’s a little overated in my opinon, as always gets everyone elses attention, so we quickly snapped a photo and moved on.

In the next room was Ariel. I was SO excited so naturally I wanted to run up to her, tell her she’s my favorite, and so on. I heard Tommy tell me to wait for a minute while he was trying to find something in his backpack. Out he pulls a pair of white Mickey Ears adorned with a tiara and veil! Ariel was just wishing me a Happy Birthday when she sees my new hat and says “Just married, too?” to which I replied with a confused “No?!” Tommy jumped in next to her and said “Not yet, so here we go!” He got on one knee and proposed to me in front of Ariel, at the most magical place on earth. It was an unforgettable moment and I am beyond blessed to have such a thoughtful man in my life!!

Disneyland Proposal

Disneyland Marriage Proposal

Disneyland Proposal

Disneyland Proposal

Disneyland Proposal