Disneyland Marriage Proposal

How I Asked: Lindsey’s friend Karlee told Lindsey she wanted to take one last girl’s trip together before she would get married. Karlee loved the idea and said she wanted it to be something really special. Later that week, Karlee called to say she went ahead and bought flights to California so they could go to Disneyland together. Lindsey called me that night to tell me about the trip saying, “Can you believe she just went and bought the flights? That’s like something you would do!”

The fact was, I had done it. A week before, I had met for lunch with Karlee to plan the entire event. I convinced Lindsey that I would be in Boise that weekend for my job covering the state tournament. The two girls spent Friday at California Adventure where I asked them to send him back three pictures so I would know they were doing okay. They were also supposed to do the same “scavenger hunt” with pictures the following day at Disneyland. When Lindsey arrived at the castle to take the picture she was going to send back to me “in Idaho”, I walked up from behind and surprised her….

Image 1 of Disneyland Marriage Proposal

Image 2 of Disneyland Marriage Proposal

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