Lei and Gene's Disneyland Caricature Marriage Proposal

How We Met: We met through family friends and were heading into our 5th year together around the moment he proposed. It was an enjoyable journey throughout those 5 years because we are both the same age and being 25 when we just started dating up until we got engaged heading into our 30s, we grew a lot together. We’ve seen ourselves mature and build a foundation in our relationship that we know is strong to last forever.

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how they asked: His birthday was coming up and I suggested going to Disneyland a month ago because he took me for my birthday during our first year of dating (it also happened to be my first time going there) so it just seemed special that I did the same for him. However, he shrugged it off and said he didn’t feel like it. Only a week before his birthday he said why not because we were running out of time to plan anything else. The entire trip didn’t feel like much because he made it seem like this was just a plan B.We happened to be in the park on his actual birthday. To our surprise (at least mine), 2 of our friends happened to be there–apparently due to a conference in the area and they decided to go to Disneyland as well. Our friends said they had a birthday gift for my (at the time) boyfriend and told us to follow them. His friends led us to New Orleans square where he said he was going to buy us a caricature drawing as a birthday gift. Once the artist was done, she told us to come and look at it and there it was. A caricature drawing of my now husband kneeling holding a ring and a speech bubble asking if I would marry him. While my speech bubble was blank for me to fill out. During this time he was behind me and I was in shock. I turn around and just like the drawing he went down on one knee and said, “On my 30th birthday, the only thing I wish for is for you to be my wife. Will you marry me?” I said yes, wrote the word “yes” in the speech bubble of my caricature, and I guess you can say we lived happily ever after.

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