Disney Marriage Proposal

Proposal at Disney World_teHow We Met: Liam and I first met while working at Walt Disney World in the fall of 2010. My leader and now close friend introduced us during work, and I knew from that very moment we met that we had something special going on. On September 22nd 2010 Liam asked me out on our first date where he whisked me off on an all day adventure to his hometown of Merritt Island, FL. He was so nervous on the date that he didn’t stop talking the whole time, but I held on to every word and fell for him hard. Ever since then we have been inseparable and have been each other’s soul mates and best friends traveling across the country and making many memories together at the Disney Parks.

how they asked: After over three years of dating Liam knew it was time to start the next chapter of our lives. When he asked me how I wanted to be proposed to a few months back I told him I wanted something unique and it would mean the world to me to have all of our friends and family be at Walt Disney World for it. I only dreamed this never thinking it would actually happen since our friends and family are spread all over the country. However, Liam began planning and secured the majority of our family and friends to arrive that beautiful (yet still very humid) October weekend.

Liam wanted the proposal to be unique to our relationship but also have it feature our love for Disney Parks- specifically our passion around MyMagic+ & MagicBands. We have been fortunate to have lots of experiences with MyMagic+ over the last few years and we even dressed up as a MagicBand & a Touch Point this past Halloween.

For the proposal Liam partnered with other Disney Cast Members to create hand painted custom bride and groom style MagicBands, a custom laser engraved MagicBand box which served as the ring box, and ended the evening with a Private Fantasmic Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to cap of the amazing day with our family & friends in attendance!

On October 19th, Liam and two of my friends went to check into Disney’s All Star Sports Resort for a brief weekend stay where I was handed an envelope. Inside was a message telling me to report to Sea Breeze Point at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort for a magical moment. With my birthday only 5 days away I thought it was a magical moment for upcoming birthdays so we all headed over.

As we walked up closer to Sea Breeze Point, I began to realize that the crowd of Guests standing there where actually our closest family and friends, each wearing the Launchpad McQuack masks- in honor of my favorite Disney character. It was moments later that Liam presented me hand painted custom bride and groom style MagicBands, a custom laser engraved MagicBand box which served as the ring box( both projects that he partnered with other Disney Cast Members to create), and the most beautiful engagement ring in the entire world. The MagicBand box read the question “Will You Marry Me?”. Next thing I know Liam got down one knee and after cutely expressing his love and asked me if I was ready for the next generation of our lives together. Of course I said yes! It was then we became the first known MyMagic+ engagement in Disney history. Our MyProposal+ is a memory we will cherish forever.

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To cap off the amazing day, Liam arranged a private Fantasmic! Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for our friends and family to get escorted backstage to a VIP viewing terrace for the show while enjoying yummy desserts and champagne. He also created a video, which included other friends, family, and coworkers who could not attend the proposal as well as a few amazing wild cards including Walt Disney World President George Kalogridis!

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Our engagement was over the top, unique, and truly the most magical moment we both could have ever imagined! We are both beyond excited for our upcoming Disney wedding!

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Photographs by Shaina Mangino