Dipali and Anish

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How We Met

We met through the family for the first time in January of 2021. I picked him up from the airport as he came to visit me in Indianapolis. We were both a bit nervous at first but we quickly found our rhythm and didn’t even realize how fast the weekend went by! After the weekend we started talking more on the phone and it quickly turned into a year and a half long distance.

How They Asked

He made me visit him in Florida for a weekend and told me we were meeting up with his friends at a resort in Palm Coast. We drove to the resort and settled into our room before exploring the property. I asked him where his friends were and he told me we were going to grab dinner with them the next day. It was easy to believe that his friends were coming because he had shown me a few Instagram stories that they were all together.

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The next day as we were getting ready to meet up with his friends at the on-site restaurant. He quickly pulls out two dresses for me to pick from. At first, I was a bit suspicious that he was going to propose but he quickly stated that he was just trying to make more of an effort to be romantic. I quickly picked out my dress and fixed my makeup before we left the room to walk towards the restaurant.

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As we were walking out of the room, he mentioned we should go check out the bar by the pool to grab a quick drink before dinner. We walked up towards the bar and he quickly grabbed my hand and started leading me towards the gazebo. At first, I looked at him and was confused but then I saw something red in the distance and noticed the rose petals. As we started walking closer to the gazebo I saw the “Marry Me” sign and couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I quickly stopped in my tracks and looked at him. He just smiled and lead me towards the sign. He quickly got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and said “You make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?” Of course I said “Yes!” and kissed him. I couldn’t believe the day was finally here and I was so excited to see where the rest of our journey would lead us.

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Special Thanks

Marriah Soldevilla
 | Photographer