Dinelle and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met while I was on the job! I was working and living in a small wine country town just outside of Santa Barbara. One glorious day, a charming wine aficionado from Los Angeles walked into the door. We had an instant connection and many common interests- this lead to exchanging phone numbers and Facebook profiles and promising to keep in touch. Despite the long distance, we talked day and night about everything imaginable. Ryan decided to surprise me one day while I was finishing up work, and drove two and a half hours just to take me to dinner! That marked our first official date.

We became inseparable. Every free moment was spent either driving down to be with him, or him driving up to spend time with me. After several exciting months of putting many miles on each other’s cars, Ryan asked me if I would ever consider moving to LA- of course I would, and I did!

how they asked

To maintain balance in our busy lives, we took up hiking & camping in the beginning of our relationship. Adventuring became an addiction! Whenever we have the opportunity to escape, we sneak away to the mountains.

Ryan always does the full research of a hike or camping spot before we go, and every one is thrilling and special. When he told me this trip would be special, I thought nothing out of the ordinary.

We hiked to one of our favorite spots, along stunning blue alpine lakes and breathtaking views.

I always complain that we don’t have enough pictures of us together in nature, even though Ryan is a photographer, and has this big complex camera. Whenever we ask someone to snap a quick photo, no one ever wants to fuss with his intimidating contraption. Before this trip, Ryan had purchased a new tripod, which he insisted that we goof around with. Since we were alone, he set the timer, and would run to where I was standing and quickly pose with me.

After a few photos with our newfound method of taking pictures, he set the timer, ran into the photo frame, got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring! The camera captured the entire moment with the most perfect photo!

Image 1 of Dinelle and Ryan

Image 2 of Dinelle and Ryan