Dina and John

How We Met

John and I met during high school in winter of 2005. It was our mutual friend’s birthday party and I noticed that I’ve never seen him around before. We introduced ourselves and only talked briefly. It turned out that he went to a different school, so I didn’t think we’d see each other again. John on the other hand said that he knew from the moment we met that he wanted to get to know me more. So about a month passed by and he and his buddies somehow ended up at another one of our mutual friend’s birthday party. We instantly clicked and began talking to each other more on AIM (those were the days…). He then asked me to go rollerblading for our first date, which sounded like a great idea.. until I fell and looked like a goofball. And then the rest was history.

how they asked

We booked a New Year’s cruise this year to celebrate our early 10 year anniversary. I knew the proposal would probably come in the near future, but I just didn’t know when exactly.

We visited Magens Bay in St. Thomas to take some photos since it was known as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. We walked all the way to the end of the beach, away from all the crowds, and found ourselves a beautiful secluded area. The soft white sand, turquoise water, and lush green scenery was the perfect background for our pictures.

Little did I know, John had already taken a picture of my itinerary before our trip and decided that this was the very spot that he would pop the question. So after several shots, he told me “let’s loo k towards the mountain.” When I turned back around, he was on one knee and proposed. My heart was racing as I listened to him telling me that I had always been the one and that he promised to love me forever. It was more than anything I could have ever imagined. It was perfect. Our camera was on self-timer and captured that perfect moment.

Image 1 of Dina and John

Image 2 of Dina and John

Image 3 of Dina and John