Dina and John

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How We Met

John & I met on a summer day about 6yrs ago. I was studying to be a emergency medical techinician and I was doing my ride alongs at Jamaica hospital. He happened to be my preceptor that day. I still remember when I walked in and I introduced myself very shy as always and his outgoing self and beautiful smile said “hi I’m bruno” (we go by last names in EMS hehe.)

how they asked

This was our first real vacation in since we have been together. As I wake up this day, I did not realize what was coming for me this day. Hehe. i had been trying for months to book a dinner at cinderellas castle. I absolutely love Cinderella. My brother decided to be in charge of that. So he made it happen but I had no ide everything else that was going to happen hehe. as we were done with dinner, the waitress approaches me with a glass slipper to resemble cinderellas glass slipper. Next thing you know John was on his knee and I was so lost!! I lost my ability to speak or move for a good 5minutes!! Hehe. It happened so fast. It was insane! I was so of guard. It was amazing nonetheless. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of.

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Special Thanks

Jose crespo
 | My brother, he helped John get it all together.