Dimitra and Sean

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How We Met: Dimitra (aka Dee) and Sean met when they both attended their friends’ wedding in June of 2013. They were seated at at the same table. Naturally, Dimitra started talking to everyone at the table, including Sean. To this day, Dimitra still does not believe she was flirting with Sean, but she made quite an impression on him that night.

The weeks following the wedding, Sean and Dimitra were constantly texting back and forth. Dimitra wouldn’t agree to go on a date with Sean. So he had to ask her best friend Alexa (who is now Sean’s sister-in-law) to set up a group date. Dimitra finally agreed to go out with everyone, including Sean. From that moment, the two of them were inseparable.

how they asked – by photographer Lisa: I’ve known Sean for 7-8 years now. He’s one of my oldest son’s best friends so when it came time to propose to Dee, he called me to help devise the plan so I could capture it. Score! As if I didn’t love him enough already. We came up with the idea of a couples shoot. This was the only way that Dee would have her hair, make up, buy a new outfit and be ready for pictures. We started this plan on April 8th. How do I remember? Because I was leaving the theater after seeing Fast & Furious 7 and it was the day after it released.

My soon to be, whenever it may happen, it happens daughter in law (like that?) started in on Dee about how they needed to be in front of the camera, they had been together for a while and didn’t have pictures together, you get the idea. At the end of April, her best friend Alexa (whose wedding I shot) did a boudoir session with me so she was there. I put the idea in her head even more while at the same time, talking/texting with Sean making the plans on how it would all go down, how he got the ring and everything else.

Fast forward, Dee and I are in Facebook messages planning out the location, what to wear, times and all that. Each time I saw her between Alexa & Jarret’s wedding to Sunday, we talked about the session. I knew she was excited and Sean was nervous. He had already asked her father’s permission, along with her brothers so it was down to putting the ring on her finger.

Sean came over to the house a week or so before so we could nail down when it would happen during the session and where we would be. Originally we thought about shooting at Curtis Hixon but we know what the weather had been like so last minute, we change to downtown Safety Harbor. I text Sean on Sunday, told him that towards the end of the session, we would head down to the pier and that’s where he would propose. Little did I know that when we got down towards the pier, there would be 500 people down there. Okay not 500, but enough. I knew Sean was nervous to begin with and to put him in front of all those people would of threw him over the edge.

Sean’s dad brought the ring over to me Sunday afternoon and I put it in my camera bag so I was holding Sean’s future in my hands.

The first part of the pictures are the beginning of the session when Dee had no clue what was going on other than a couples session. She planned her own proposal and had no idea.

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At the beginning of the session, Sean handed me his “sweat rag” and I put it in my camera bag. This had already been preplanned between me and Sean and when the time came, he would need the sweat rag. So at this point, I put Dee up against the fence and started helping her pose while Sean went to my camera bag to get his sweat rag aka the ring! Dee had her back to him so she had no idea that this was getting ready to happen! She’s Greek and he said her full name (correctly I might add) in Greek. I couldn’t hear him because there was a crowd of girls off behind him and all I heard was them scream “OMG look what he’s doing” but I heard Dee say yes and that’s all that mattered!

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Photography by Lisa Otto Photography