Dimitra and Jordan

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How We Met

I met Jordan 3 weeks before my 21st birthday. After graduating cosmetology school, I packed my bags for sunny Los Angeles, leaving my family, friends and failed long term relationship behind in the Bay Area. When thinking of all the adventures that awaited me, I was determined to let loose a little and finally break out of my hopelessly monogamous ways. I imagined myself sipping mojitos with Franco on Friday, learning to Salsa dance with Julian on Saturday, and hiking to the Hollywood sign with Brian on Sunday. I was staying with my girlfriend who was just about to graduate from CSU Northridge at the time, when she and her roommate decided to invite some friends over one of my first weekends in town. They mentioned their friend, Jordan was also newly single, but aside from a quick glance at his Facebook profile picture, I didn’t think too much of it. However, I remember the exact moment he walked into their apartment, “damn, he is pretty cute”, I thought as I noticed his bright blue eyes. There was a decent size group of us, (including his ex girlfriend, I might add!) so we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk until the very end of the evening.

His “hail Mary” I later found out, was to corner me in the kitchen and strike up a one-on-one conversation…about camping. I still have no idea how that became the topic of conversation, but apparently it was enough to peak his interest and ask my girlfriend for my number. We had our first date that same week, and then another, and then another, and after we celebrated my 21st birthday together, my dreams of casual dating slowly drifted away. I was able to gallivant around the city sipping mojitos, dancing the night away, and hiking across the city, there was just never a Franco, Julian, or Brian to speak of. The more I learned about Jordan, the more I wanted to spend time with him. Our conversations were easy and our chemistry grew stronger with each date. Thankfully, the feeling was mutual, and we moved in together and adopted our sweet pup, Mika, less than a year later.

how they asked

Jordan and I had been talking about our future, marriage, children- the whole enchilada, since we’d barely been together a few months. Six years later, we had discussed it probably a trillion times. I always teased him that I would absolutely be able to tell when he was going to propose because I knew him so well, there’s no way I wouldn’t know he was up to something. Well, not only was I completely clueless, but I paraded my ignorance around all day on Snapchat. I saved my “Story” from that day and everyone has gotten a good laugh. Leading up to Thanksgiving, I was pretty disappointed that my parents wouldn’t be joining us in LA like they had in previous years. There was a lot going on this year, and I went home the week before to see my little sister’s play. We managed to squeeze in a ton of family time, but I still gave everyone a pretty hard time. I begged, pleaded, and even reminded them all what beautiful, delicious holiday meals Jordan’s mom always puts together, but to my chagrin, they would budge.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my boss texted me to tell me it was her nephew’s birthday, and she didn’t need me to work the following evening as planned. (Lies. Jordan coordinated with her ahead of time. She texted me instead of telling me in person because she was afraid I’d see right through her- ha!) I was excited for the unexpected night off and called Jordan to tell him on my way home. Funny enough, he told me, he had just gotten off the phone with his brother who wanted to do a double date with us, but between all of our crazy schedules they couldn’t settle on a time. It seemed meant to be! A pop-up outdoor skating rink comes to Santa Monica every holiday season, Jordan and I went early on in our relation ship, and never managed to get back there since. Every year, I’d inevitably drive by as they were closing down and realize we had missed it again. I would always make Jordan promise we would get there the following year, reminding him how much fun it was.

When he suggested it for our double date, I threw some serious boyfriend props his way for remembering and told him I thought it was a great idea. The following night, we had dinner a couple blocks from the skating rink, just the two of us. He told me his brother’s girlfriend had to work late, (mhmm ;) ) and that they would be meeting us at the skating rink afterwards. We had a glass- ok, a couple glasses of wine, and gorged ourselves on as many delectable Italian carbs as we could order. It was a delicious, leisurely dinner, until he suddenly chugged the rest of his wine and asked for the check. I was a little surprised that he seemed to be in such a rush to leave, but hurried as well thinking he didn’t want to leave his brother waiting for too long.

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As we approached the rink, we could hear the music playing, and the cheerful chatter as people skated around outside. The trees were wrapped in twinkling lights and the paper lanterns strung above the rink bounced a beautiful purple glow off the white ice, it was so romantic! I noticed the employee who checked us in seemed mighty chummy with Jordan, but chalked it up to his friendly face (honestly, he could strike up a conversation with a tree and leave with a new best friend). We laced up our skates, and did maybe two laps around the rink. Suddenly, an announcement came over the loud speaker informing everyone that we needed to clear the ice so the zamboni could resurface it but first, there would be a special couples skate. My eyes darted to Jordan as they called out our names along with another couple, searching for an explanation. “That’s the surprise! I found out online that you can have a semi-private skate for like, 20 bucks!” he reassured me, and I believed him momentarily. Then “Carlos and Esperanza” never showed, and he led us to the middle of the rink.

We stood there surrounded by hundreds of strangers and he started saying the sweetest things to me, absolutely none of which I remember or could even fully process in the moment. I’m fairly certain I lost feeling in my hands, partially because he was squeezing them so tightly, but also because I was in complete and utter shock as I realized what was about to happen. It must have shown on my face too, because the one thing I do remember him saying as he lightly shook my shoulders was, “This is happening, babe. It’s happening.” The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee and the crowd erupted in cheers.

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The glossy red jewelry box seemed to appear out of thin air as he asked me to marry him. I didn’t even let him put it on my finger before jumping into his lap and wrapping my arms around him. “It fits!” he yelled after slipping it on my finger, and a voice over the loudspeaker shrieked, “She said yes!”

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My mind was reeling, as he turned to me and said, “Now how the heck are we gonna tell our family?” I couldn’t even respond before he twirled me around pointed to not only his parents and brother, but my parents, and my sister and brother-in-law, many of whom flew in just to surprise me. My knees buckled as the weight of the moment finally hit me. (The picture from this moment is pretty epic haha!) I couldn’t believe it! How in the world had he pulled all of this off, and without me suspecting a thing?

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The rink set up a cute little area where we spent the next hour hugging, celebrating and calling the rest of our friends and family. Plus, they all had a lot to get me up to speed on. I didn’t even realize I was still wearing my ice skates, but Jordan had to cut me out of them (literally!) because they were tied in a crazy convoluted knot!

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The proposal was more meaningful and touching than I ever could have imagined. I would have been elated had he just asked me to marry him in our apartment over take out, but knowing how much coordination and thought went into it ahead of time, just shows how much he truly wanted (and succeeded!) to make this moment memorable and special. We currently are in the thick wedding planning, and hope to tie the knot Memorial Day weekend 2018. It can’t come fast enough!

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Special Thanks

Tyler, my brother-in-law
 | Photographer
Spencer, Jordan's brother
 | iPhone video :)
ICE at Santa Monica
 | Coordinated with Jordan on clearing the rink and announcing the proposal!