Dillon and Hannah

Image 3 of Dillon and Hannah

How We Met

I “slid into her DM’s”. I was one of the hundreds to do so. 😂 She chose to open my message, supposedly I was the first DM she ever entertained.

We somehow began discussing different animals. She had never seen a hedgehog in real life (they are illegal here in CA). I told her if she’d let me take her on a first date, I’d find an “underground hedgehog dealer” and we could pose as buyers so she could hold one. I immediately signed up for an “underground pet forum” I found on google. I created a fake screen name (hedgehogguy100) and set up a meeting with a black market pet dealer in an El Pollo Loco parking lot. We went out for a glass of wine and bite to eat after, and have never left each other’s side since that day. She was “the one” the moment I laid eyes on her. I am the luckiest man alive!

How They Asked

(From Groom) I had my eyes set on the location for almost a year. It was approximately a 12-mile round trip hike with around 2,500 vertical feet (pretty mellow for Hannah) to a glacial lake in The Sierra Nevada mountains. The date was May 23rd, 2020. We as a Country were just “reopening” from Covid-19. With all of the uncertainty in the world associated with the virus, there was one thing I had never been more sure about; my undying love for Hannah.

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We had reached the second of the two lakes and ate lunch after I suggested we take some pictures. My brother and an amazing friend were there with their cameras and go pros. I put Hannah on my shoulders for a shot with the lake and this amazing spire in the background, then I looked up at her and said, “baby, you know you’re my best friend right?…” and proceeded to ask her to marry me. It was the most magical moment of my life. I feel so blessed to love such a remarkable, genuine human.

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