Dillan and Dan

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2011, I had just graduated high school and started my first job. On my first day and Dan’s last day, before he went back to school for the semester, we were introduced and shook hands. Without even saying two words to me I told him he looked like the most miserable human I’d ever seen and he knew immediately I was not one to mess with!

We happened to share a locker (fate) and work several shifts together throughout the rest of the year. Getting to know each other while folding women’s denim, we found out we both grew up playing ice hockey. He stopped me right there and demanded my phone number, where the next 6 years are history!

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how they asked

We just graduated college the year before and now being in the real world, Dan and I had made the decision to not only buy our first home but build it. After moving out, my mom and I had date nights here and there to catch up. While we were out, my mom insisted we needed to do a little shopping and head into the local Old Navy. Without paying any attention to my surroundings, Dan pops out from behind a rack of clothes and tells me I need to come with him. Happening very fast, knowing but also not knowing what was happening we turn a corner and stop in the middle of the store, where we first met about 6 years before. Dan gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! Out pops Dan’s buddy, videotaping the whole thing with several old coworkers of ours, who also came to witness the event!

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