Dilan and Ercan

How We Met

Ercan and I met at the end of high school but we were just friends at the time. Then we came really close friends. However, when I started University we stopped talking for a good year and a half. Later we met again at our friends birthday party. I remember when he came to say hello he also said how beautiful I looked. Soon after we started talking again but it was different this time… He was the only guy who made me have butterflies..

how they asked

Ercan and I went to The Shard restaurant on our first anniversary. We absolutely loved the view, ambiance and the food. So, 3 years later he asked me to meet him for dinner at the same restaurant. He said he can not pick me up but he sent a chauffeur to pick me up from home. When I arrived to the restaurant a lady was waiting for me she asked me to follow her to the Hotel’s restaurant instead. I followed her and she took me to the room where he set everything for the proposal. First, I was shocked and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like a dream.. He was waiting for me with a bunch of roses. He stared into my eyes for few seconds then grabbed my hands and said “I was waiting for this moment”. He reached for the ring from his pocket and got on one knee. I dont remember all the things he said to me until he asked the question. I didn’t even think about anything but just how he always made me so happy…

Image 1 of Dilan and Ercan

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