Diggy and Kenny


How We Met:  Kenny and I met my freshmen year in high school! He was a Junior on our high school basketball team and I was the tiny freshmen cheerleader. Each season every basketball player is assigned a cheerleader, lucky for me I got Kenny. We initially started talking on MySpace but once the season started it was all up hill from there. We clicked instantly! We had the best conversations and such an amazing time together through out the season. I couldn’t have asked for a better player or a better fiancé.

how they asked: Kenny and I met my freshmen year in high school and have been together ever since. Fast forward six and a half years and it was a typical Friday morning when normally I would be off work and Kenny would be up by 6:15 to get ready. I wake up to see that Kenny is still lying in bed at 9:09! I frantically am trying to wake him up thinking he’s late for work but instead he begins to tell me he took the day off to spend with me. With both our job we usually have opposite schedules so we don’t get much time together. He then starts to make breakfast for me and says he has a surprise for me at 2:00pm. He keeps me out of the loop the whole day and surprises me with the most amazing massage from this cute little place by our apartment. I’ve always had constant back pain since I was younger so something like this is beyond words. The day goes on and Kenny asks if I want to go to one of our favorite sushi places for dinner, which is right next to the beach. After dinner he asks if I want to take a walk along the sand and watch the sunset. (Nothing out of the ordinary so I’m completely oblivious as to what’s about to happen) Next thing I know we’re standing on the sand watching the most beautiful sunset and I turn around to find Kenny down on one knee! He begins to giggle and looks me dead in the eye and asks me to marry him. Most couples our age that meet in high school don’t usually make it this long. I can happily say we are the strongest we’ve ever been and I’m so happy we get to break the cycle and really be high school sweethearts. It’s crazy to think you can meet your soulmate at 15 but here we are. I get to marry my best friend and my soulmate!