Diego and Jerome

how we met

Jerome and I met in Liège (Belgium) a bit more than 2 years ago. I was jogging around his office and he was out on his lunch break. We saw each other and that was love at first sight. Back then nothing seemed possible between us but life took care of the details and here we are!

how they asked

Everything went exactly as planned! Olga was waiting for us at the chosen spot. When we got there I asked my partner to take a selfie with me. This was my sign to Olga so she could approach us. She came and offered her help to take a picture of us (as we had planned before). So she grabbed my phone and set it into video mode while she was pretending to take one or two pictures. When she was all settled she gave me a sign and I knew it was all up to me now. It was my time to go down on my knees and propose. And so I did! And the result is exactly as I expected!

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Special Thanks

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