Dianne and Pierce


How We Met

My name is Dianne Saavedra, my finance’s name is Pierce Boltin and we are from Birmingham, Alabama! We met 5 years ago in college and the rest has been such an adventure!

When it comes to our relationship we are very much different. I love chocolate, he loves vanilla. I’m 4’11 and he’s 6’2. I love the eat the cookie part of an Oreo, he loves to eat the cream filling. He loves Star Wars, I love Gossip Girl. He’s outgoing and I’m soft spoken. He balances me out in every way possible. We may be complete opposites but there’s 3 things we do have in common: Our love for our miniature dauchund, Luna, each other, and Harry Potter.

how they asked

It was a cool September night and the plan was to surprise Pierce with a birthday party. His birthday had been two days before and this year my family wanted to do something special. So we were at my parents home. The house where I grew up and have lived in since I was 9.


We were all taking pictures on the deck, the lighting was beautiful that night and all of a sudden Pierce gets down on one knee!!


Our very “romantic” story went a little like this:

Me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP IT! (he had been fake proposing for like a year at random places like gas stations and wal mart so I thought it was a joke)

Pierce: Will you marry me?
Me: What!? are you serious?! What are you doing?!
Pierce: Will you marry me?
Pierce: Will you marry me?
(after I FINALLY process what’s happening)
Me: YES!



Then he picks me up, my dress flys up and I’m pretty sure I accidentally mooned my family. Our story has never been cliché and I’m so thankful because life is so much more fun this way! It is.



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