Diane and Robert

How We Met

It all started back in 2009 when my mom had fallen ill from Cancer. My mom always was a great advocate on guys I dated. My mom always gave me advice on guys so when she got sick i had no choice but to tell her about the guy who i had fallen for. I told her she was right about the butterflies you get. When I started dating Bob in which we reconnected from Wall Highschool, I asked him if he would come to the hospital to meet my mom since she was getting worse. I knew after he met my mom that she approved and he was the one. After she had passed away he has been my rock and best friend I could lean on. My mom sent him to me.

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how they asked

Bob grew up racing go-karts when he was really little and when his dad raced at Wall Stadium Speedway back in the 1980s and 1990s it became a dream. Well after losing my mom and realizing life is short, I told him he should buy a car and race.

His other dream was to Win and propose in Victory lane. After racing 3 years and no wins he was getting defeated. On June 10, 2017, it all changed, he had 3 races that night and won the first one, placed 8th in the 2nd and won the 3rd race. That’s when it happened.

While being interviewed in victory lane the last race he said “he made his dream come true and is getting to bring home 2 sets of trophies and couldn’t have done it without his girlfriend of 8 years for all the help and support she gives so I want to ask her to Marry Me? so she can have her dream come true in the same night!”

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