Diane and Justin

Diane and Justin's Engagement in Hvar, Croatia

How We Met

We first met at the age of nine… on the baseball fields in their hometown of Morgan Hill, CA. They stayed friends through High School but didn’t hit it off until after returning home from college. Justin asked Diane on their first date after running into each other in Las Vegas over a fine meal of tater tots and tequila (in which he swears that was their first date) – where on the contrary, Diane likes to believe it was at a romantic french wine bar in Los Gatos. Regardless which date counted first, sparks flew and the rest is history! After four years of priceless memories with family and friends, too many bottles of wine to count, and traveling around the world together – Justin decided to get on one knee and pop the question at a Spanish castle in Hvar, Croatia on July 8th, 2016… and Diane was absolutely elated to say, “yes!”

Diane's Proposal in Hvar, Croatia

how they asked

Justin and Diane love to travel – and what better place to go than Justin’s family’s country: Croatia. Justin is second generation born in America, and it was Diane’s first time. Justin brought her to Split, Krka, Dubrovnik, his family’s village in Ploče and Gradac, and finally to the small, beautiful, wine-country island of Hvar.

Where to Propose in Hvar, Croatia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hvar, Croatia

After being in Croatia for a week, he asked her to dress fancy as they had reservations at a nice restaurant that night and he wanted to take photos while watching the sunset at the highest point of the island – atop the Hvar Spanish fortress. They took a taxi up the hill and proceeded to get out once at the front gate. It was a busy, beautiful, sunny day and there were a lot of people.

Proposal Ideas Hvar, Croatia

Holding Justin’s hand, Diane walked toward the ticket booth line and Justin hurriedly mentioned: “Oh, actually – I already bought us tickets!” – which Diane thought was weird because they had just made these plans only minutes before.

When she asked: “Are you sure?”, Justin led while holding her hand and started walking incredibly fast around the windy dark staircase of the fortress. Diane knew something was up as he started to act incredibly nervous and wasn’t answering her questions- at one point – she was actually concerned that they might be arrested!

Once they made it through a dark tunnel up a short staircase – Diane was shocked to see that the once extremely crowded fortress was now empty except for a table with rose petals, candles, her favorite champagne, a professional photographer, and a smiley woman (who Diane found out later was the amazing concierge and planner at their hotel). Diane’s heart started racing as Justin got down on one knee and proceeded to ask her to marry him in the most heartfelt way.

She of course said yes, with several happy tears flowing along with the champagne, followed by countless engagement photos taken by an incredible photographer so they could remember this moment forever. Justin later explained he reserved the space and planned the whole thing months ago – he decided to do it on July 8th because 8 is the symbol of eternity. He also decided to propose in Croatia at this Spanish fortress because Diane is Spanish and Justin is Croatian – and this would be a great spot to recognize their heritage together and officially become their own family. Needless to say, it is a beautiful moment that they will remember forever.

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Petra Vuletić | 
Planner from Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel
Sasa Tomic