Diane and Daniel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Adler Planetarium

How We Met

Daniel and I went to the same high school, he was a football player and the captain of the volleyball team. I was two years younger and was a theatre kid performing in high school productions and singing in the choir. In high school I’m more than certain that we’ve crossed paths not knowing that we would be dating and be engaged one day. We also went to the same college which is how I got to know him better. It wasn’t until after I had graduated that I started talking to him more through a mutual friend. We were both clearly more than interested in each other, and after long many long conversations we decided to see where this relationship would take us. Little did we know that we would now be headed towards a future marriage together!

how they asked

Daniel mentioned to me of a company party for his CEO retiring months prior to the proposal. He made a fake website and tickets for the event where it explained to park near the Adler Planetarium where a shuttle would pick us up to get to the party at Soldier Field. Once the day of the “company party” came, we drove over to Adler Planetarium. The view of the Chicago skyline was breathtaking and Daniel told me he wanted me to stand at a certain spot so he could get footage for a video he was capturing. As I was standing and looking out into the view, he started at his speech which I have no memory of because of the rush of emotions running through my mind. He got down on one knee and asked the question I’ve been waiting for since we started dating “Diane Choe, will you marry me?”

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