Diane and Adam

How They Asked

My favorite place in the whole city (Toronto) is Casa Loma. I love its history and it’s so beautiful having a castle in the middle of the city! One day Adam tells me he’s planned a scavenger hunt around the castle, he does thoughtful things all the time so I didn’t think much of it (my friends definitely suspected it!).

We went to visit our friends in the morning and spent such a long time visiting we almost didn’t make it to the castle in time, I assumed this couldn’t be the time to pop the question because he was so casual about timing and let me explore and take my time enjoying the castle.

The scavenger hunt took us through the whole castle following specific clues in every room of the castle. When we got to the end the last set of clues took me up to the top of the tower where he told me to look out on the view of the city. When I turned around to tell him I had no clue what I was supposed to be looking at he was down on one knee! My favorite place has a wonderful new memory!

Diane and Adam's Engagement in Casa Loma (my favourite place)