Diana and Paul's Breathtaking Proposal in Alberta Canada

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Diana & I met because I always wanted to date and marry a Ukrainian woman. When I went online to an international dating site and saw her profile, I was excited to message her and was really nervous waiting for her to respond. She replied and for the next three months we talked on the phone/Skype/Facebook everyday until finally in December of 2012, when I went for a week to meet her and her family. It was amazing. I kind of felt like James bond flying internationally to go meet this beautiful dame (haha). When we met in real life, our connection was confirmed and we started dating after that trip. She then came to visit Canada four months later, and on that trip she met my parents and visited the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As I so quickly had, my family fell in love with her as well.

Two months later, I visited her and I asked her father for his permission to marry Diana. He was honoured and said yes!! I then flew Diana to Canada in shortly after, where I had pre-planned a proposal trip to the mountains in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. I had taken Diana to the mountains for her first time on her visit, and she loved them so I knew this would be a romantic place to set the scene—however, I wanted to show her the mountains in a way most people never see them.

I found a helicopter tour company that does romantic packages for couples in the mountains. It consisted of a one-hour tour flying about the peaks and into the valleys, where it would land in a secluded location, where we would then hike into a beautiful mountain and shared a romantic picnic along the stream looking at the waterfalls.

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I am huge fan of beautiful photography and there was no way I could not capture our special moment on camera, so I hired a great team of two photographers from Shandro Photo to pose as another couple just on a tour with us, as the helicopter could fly four people.

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It worked perfectly and Diana had no idea they were in on anything. She also had no idea I was going to propose!

The photographers hiked to the falls with us and split up, hiding in the trees and bushes while we enjoyed our romantic dessert in the gorgeous mountain setting. I asked Diana to be my wife, and I’m so happy she said yes!!

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Today we have been happily married for just over a year, and we have a beautiful 6-week old son. I thank God everyday for bringing my soul mate into my life and giving me the family I always prayed for.

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Photos by Shandro Photo