Diana and Nehemiah

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How we met

Nehemiah and I met through a mutual friend back in 2003-2004 at the University of Central Florida, where we both attended college. It was noticeable that he was attracted to me and was enamored every time he saw me, so he mentioned to his friend that he wanted to meet me. One day out of the blue, he gathered enough courage and approached me behind the Student Union while I was waiting between classes. He said hello and asked for my name and I quickly replied “I have a boyfriend” lol. After our initial meeting, we would occasionally run into each other at random outings but since I was dating someone else at the time and I didn’t give him the time of day.

Over the years our friends would try to set us up, but I always declined. In 2014, we ran into each other again at a friend’s house for game night; where we got to know each other a little better. That night I got to see a different side of Nehemiah and became intrigued and I wanted to know more about him. The get together was a hit and a few weeks later, I reached out to him and asked if he wanted to grab dinner with me, and the rest is history!!

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how they asked

Nehemiah originally told me wanted to plan his first Company Christmas Party for the holidays. He asked me to look into locations where he could possibly host the party, so I got on it and started researching venues, food and games to be played that evening. Not thinking anything of it, he told me I could invite a few friends, my parents and siblings. Unbeknownst to me, he was planning the details for the “Christmas Party” with my sister for 3 months and everyone was in on it!

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On December 10, 2016, that morning we went shopping for last minute decorations and food/drinks. I was nervous for him because all he wanted was for everyone to have a good time at the party and I didn’t want to let him down. I took the time to make some games and bought a few games so everyone could interact with each other to avoid the awkward silence during the party. Nehemiah told me we couldn’t get into the building to set up until 8pm and we told our guests to be there at 8:30pm which only left us 30 min to set up the venue. In my head I was thinking, “How in the world are we going to have everything set up in 30 min?” I didn’t want him to know I was nervous for him just in case things didn’t go as planned, so I remained calm and went with the flow… Or so I thought.

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After many missed calls, Nehemiah was late getting to the house from a baby shower earlier that day and I was rushing him to get ready. I was dressed and ready to go, but he decided to take his sweet time- checking his social media, watching tv basically anything but getting ready. In my head I was screaming and thinking our guests are going to be at the party before we will!

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I packed the car with all of the fun games for our guests to play and my comfy shoes to wear while we decorate the venue… We were finally on our way. As we arrive he told me to change my shoes and leave the games in the car and he would come back and get them later. Not thinking anything of it I agreed. Once we got to the front door of the venue, he opened the door and I hear a loud SURPRISE come from within. As we walked in I see a crowd of familiar faces and I just began to cry… OMG was this really happening??

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He walked me to the middle of the room where we were surrounded by all of our family and friends. That’s when he got down on one knee and proposed! I was completely overwhelmed in that moment and my emotions just took over. It felt like I was on cloud 9; it seemed so unreal.

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I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night. He put so much thought into every detail. It was the perfect night, one that I could have never dreamed of, and one that I will never forget!

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Special Thanks

Erica Melissa
 | photographer