Diana and Max

My fiancé never shows if anything bothers him or if he’s stressed, lately I had noticed that he had seamed a little stressed. I called and asked him why he seemed stressed and if everything was ok? He smiled and said yes everything is great, but since I have been a little stressed, can I make it up to you by taking you on a date tomorrow night, I’ll plan everything out, you just make sure you’re ready by 5:30. The next day I got ready and went outside to wait for him. I noticed a limo behind my car.. Which I thought was wierd, but I just sat in my car and kept looking in the mirror as to why that limo was there. A man came out of the limo, and asked if I was princess Diana and come with him? (I was a bit scared haha). I then saw the door open and my fiancé coming out holding a big bouquet of my favorite flowers. He said he ordered us a limo because he wanted to go out and eat and take pictures in Seattle. As we pulled up to a Brazilian steakhouse, he said “wait, before you go in… Every Cinderella needs her glass slipper”. He than took off my shoes and slipped on the pair of louboutins I had wanted. I was shocked! Then, after we had ate dinner.. He took me to a park in Seattle to take pictures. It was raining and I asked why do you want to take pictures in the rain, and he said that the Christmas lights all around made it beautiful. Then we went to another park in Seattle, and again I thought we were going to just take pictures.. He took my hand and we walked out, as everything was lit up… I thought it was supposed to be lit up because it’s almost Christmas and Seattle usually has lights everywhere at this time of year. Then I heard my favorite song begin playing by John Legend very loud from all the cars (all our friends were around the site and turned around with unbrellas so I wouldn’t see them) I than saw all my friends turn around and saw our names written on the steps and I was in awe… It was just so beautiful! He then led me into the sculpture and walked around into the sculpture too.. At this point I saw all our friends looking at us smiling and taking pics. He took my hand and said the most beautiful words. Then slipped a gorgeous ring on my finger! I love love love him so much! He has made the most perfect proposal!!!!

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