Diana and Kevin

How We Met

It was summer of 2011, and I just finished having lunch at Cactus Club on English Bay when I spotted a pretty girl taking photos of the scenery. I knew that I wanted to approach her but didn’t know how to do it without coming off creepy. But luck was on my side when I walked up to her, because a bird literally pooped on the both of us. That immediately broke the ice. I suggested that we buy a lottery ticket for luck. Funny enough, we won $2,000 that day!

Her name was Diana, and she was visiting from Korea on a work visa. She became my angel during my darkest times, and helped me through the worst year of my life. Having only spent a short year together, Diana had to unexpectedly return to Korea. When she left, I completely lost contact with her and was unable to find where she was. For 3 years, I did not hear from her. For some reason, I never forgot about her and wondered often if I would ever see her again.

I remember it was late November of 2015, when I received a message on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it. It was Diana. Turns out, she went on a missionary trip and had lost her phone on the trip, along with my number. She isn’t social media saavy (no Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but she made Facebook so she could find me. When I heard this, I knew it right away, I had to marry this girl.

how they asked

In January, I decided to fly Diana down from Korea, so I could propose to her. I reached out to Just Because Vancouver, a wedding proposal planning company, who gathered all these amazing vendors to help me with a proposal on the fly.

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Two days before Diana had to go back to Korea, I told her that I wanted to take her out to a goodbye dinner up on a mountain. Diana loves to dress up, so she was excited and didn’t seem to suspect anything. As we were riding the gondola up, I remember I was sweating so much even though it was snowing. I had practiced the moment millions of times in my head, but I was still freaking out.

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As instructed, I led her to the top of the deck, right at sunset. Sitting there was an arch with her favourite flowers, candles, bird cages and fake lottery tickets to remind her of the first day we met. For me, winning the lottery didn’t mean anything. The best prize of all, was finding Diana again.

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