Diana and Jeffery

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How We Met

It all started 9 years ago when Jeff and I first met, I was still in high school and he had just graduated. We both got hired at In N Out Burger in North Hollywood about two weeks apart. Since I was still in high school we both worked opposite shifts and rarely saw each other. I was the shy new girl and he was the cool new guy that knew many people who worked there. We ran into each other in a few occasions outside of work before he finally worked up the nerve to talk to me as more than just coworkers. As for me I never saw it coming, I was simply a young 17 year old at her high school part time job. For those of you who are not familiar with the North Hollywood In N Out, it’s one of the firsts, so its small and only drive through (No inside dinning). One Sunday I was working the morning shift, which was about to end and Jeff had just started his shift. He was working the handheld position, which simply takes the orders for the drive through and I was working the walk up which takes orders for those not in a car. He walked up to my window and handed me a napkin which I believed to be trash and I was about to toss it away he stopped me “No, what are you doing” I responded “Throwing it in the trash.” He then said “No, it’s for you.” So when I start to open it he stops me again “Don’t read it now.” I put the note in my pocket to read when I get home. When I got home and opened it, it read something like this: You should get some rest you look tired. Here’s my number, although you probably already got it from the phone book in the backroom. I laughed as I read it, knowing I had been out late the night before and thinking how cocky he must be to think I would take his number from the phone book. So I decided to text him something simple that same night: I look tired huh? He replied and we started texted every day. We started dating and on July 26, 2008 he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

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how they asked

We dated for 6 years and moved in together July 2014. As many of our friends were getting engaged around us, I was dropping hints as to it being our time. We had already talked about it prior to moving in together, but he said he didn’t think we were ready. Little did I know he had already bought the ring and was planning on how to propose. Jeff’s birthday is January 25 and we had been planning a trip to big bear with a bunch of coworkers, close friends, and our sisters. What I didn’t know was his real intention for the trip. Our trip started Sunday, which was his birthday and on Tuesday January 27, 2015 even more friends came out just for the day to go snowboarding, or so I thought. Later that night after a day full of snowboarding and after dinner he gathered everyone to the living room and said he wanted to say a few words. I was clueless and believed that he was going to thank everyone for coming out for his birthday and another coworker whose birthday was the day after his. Although that is how he started, it quickly turned as he said he wanted to take a moment and talk about me. I had gotten sick pretty much as soon as the trip started and was still clueless because it had just been about a month since he had said we weren’t ready. And in the middle of this great speech he had planned he choked up, got down on one knee, and asked me if I would marry him. I was in complete shock! I said yes of course as everyone had their camera open recording or taking pictures and I turned to my twin sister who has never been able to keep a secret from me in her life and I told her “You knew?” she said of course I knew as one of our friends said everyone knew. We decided to wait until the following year to get married, July 26, 2016. After talking to a mutual friend who had already booked her photographer she recommended Jenstar Photography so I headed over to her Instagram and we knew we had found our photographer! She shot our engagement pictures and did an amazing job! I cannot wait for her to shoot our wedding this year at the Arbat!

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Special Thanks

Jennifer Trinidad
 | Photography